Ed Sheeran – Shape of You Pianostan Virtual Piano

You don’t need a piano to learn how to play this song.  All you need is the Pianostan Virtual Piano Game.You can click any of the links in this paragraph to get there, or click one of the buttons that are sure to be all around the site.If you can type, which you can, then…

How to Play Beauty & The Beast “Tale as Old as Time” on PianoJam Tutorial

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How to Play the Flintstones Theme on PianoJam

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Stop Doing These 5 Things and Learn Piano

People’s biggest problem when it comes to learning piano, or any instrument, or any thing, is that they say “I don’t have any time.”You do have time, and plenty of it.  You just waste it, constantly.  And way more than you think.Here are things you can stop doing to free up more time for learning…

How Creativity and Passion Are The Most Important Things When Learning Piano

This post is the new manifesto for  In the past with this site I was just doing what other people were doing with their piano sites or YouTube channels and trying to replicate it.It was fun for a while and it had it’s moments but in the end it isn’t what I want this…

The Best Alicia Keys Piano Tutorial on YouTube

So far my most popular post has been “The Top 5 Best Piano Tutorial Channels on YouTube.”  It seems like that is what people are searching for.  So, going off of that I want to put together a post for the best tutorials from some of my favorite artists.  This post will feature the best Alicia…