People’s biggest problem when it comes to learning piano, or any instrument, or any thing, is that they say “I don’t have any time.”

You do have time, and plenty of it.  You just waste it, constantly.  And way more than you think.

Here are things you can stop doing to free up more time for learning piano.  If you truly want to learn, then right now is the easiest time in the history of the world to learn piano, so you have no excuses.

Pick one of these and try it for a week.  If you like it, continue.  If you don’t, it’s only for a week.

The idea behind all this is to free up time to fill your cup with piano related juice.  If your cup is already 100% full, and if you’re American it’s probably more like 120% full and overflowing, you have no room for anything else.  Nothing.

1. Stop Looking at Your Damn Phone

You’re not doing anything on it.  No you’re not.  Yes, I understand all the situations in which your smartphone could save your life or make your life way easier, but that’s not how you use it.

How many hours do you spend a day looking at or thinking about looking at your phone?  Now double it, and that’s the real answer.

You’re probably going to laugh at this one, skip it, and dismiss it as impossible.  Downgrade to a dumbphone, save TONS of money, and time and clear up so much room from your “busy” life.

The point is to focus on what you gain when you put away your smartphone, not what you lose.  Imagine taking those six hours a day looking at your phone and replacing it with reading a book.  How much could you learn? A lot.  More than you know because you’ve never tried it!

2. Stop Watching TV

Just for one week, give it a chance.  This includes streaming videos too.  All videos where you just become a pod for consuming media.

If you quit for a week and you think you need it then go back to it, but just try it for one week.

TV and video is the most passive thing there is.  You don’t actually do anything.

The video ends and then oh, what do you know?  Here are 300 suggestions for movies and TV just like the one you watched and you don’t even have to move and it will play by itself.

3. Stop Playing Video Games

UUUGGGGHHHHHHH! this one pains me to say it but it’s true.  I love video games.  To me they are better than TV and the smartphone because they aren’t passive.  You have to actually think.

However, they are too powerful.  They will eat up your time if you let them.  Time that could be spent reading about piano, practicing piano, making new songs, learning music theory etc…

4. Stop Looking For More Lessons and JUST PLAY

Take the time I’ve spent looking up piano lessons and tutorials and all the other stuff out there.  If I took that time and instead just sat down at my piano and played I would be so much better.

I’ve spent hours in the black hole of the internet looking for better lessons.  Better ways to learn this.  Better ways to learn that.

Forget it.  Just play.  Sit down and play.  You’ll be better off for it in the end.

We for the first time in history suffer from information overload and in some ways it is worse than not enough information.  The same goes for me for working out.  If I took the time I spent looking up workout plans and watching videos, and instead just did push ups the whole time I would be a monster right now.

You do it too, don’t lie.  Stop looking at your phone!

5. Do.  Make.

Do something or make something on the piano.

Don’t read something.  Don’t listen to something.  Don’t watch something.  Do something or make something.

If you have no smartphone, no TV and no video games then yes you will get bored.  The true test is to see what you do with that boredom.  For me, creativity always comes from boredom or necessity.