Pianostan Game: Learn from a Virtual Piano

Hosted by the Scirra Arcade

PianoJam:  The Online Piano Game

The idea behind it is simple; it turns the keyboard on your computer into a piano keyboard.  You can think of it as an online piano game if you would like but I believe it could really help you learn piano.  I like to think of it as a virtual piano.

If you are hitting the keys and nothing is happening try clicking on the game.  Your last click has to have been on the game for it to work.  This game was tested on Google Chrome and it works fantastic on it.  I have not yet tested on other browsers.  If you are using another browser and you are having problems please tell me in the comments.

How to Play

On your keyboard every single number and letter is a key on the piano:

[1] is the lowest note.

[2] is the next lowest note, and then [3] etc….. all the way up to [m] being the highest note.

Hold [Shift] to play a sharp note (a # note)

For example, if you play [q] then it plays an F note.  But if you play [Q] then it plays an F# note.

Hit [Enter] to bring up the menu.  In the menu you can choose the drums for your backing track.

[up] plays the current drum backing track

[down] stops the current backing track

[left] and [right] add and subtract from the BPM for the metronome

Can I Really Learn Piano?

Yes.  There is no substitute for a real piano but with this there are may things you can learn.  You already know how to type so in a way you already know how to play this game.  It gives you an easy and fun way to enter the world of piano.  Without something like this there is a very high barrier to entry.

You will be playing songs on this game WAY quicker than you would on a real piano, especially if you are a beginner.  As a beginner it can be really frustrating and boring when you first start and have no idea what’s going on.

I hope it is a fun thing that allows you to play piano even if you’ve never played before.  I’m not sure exactly what you will be learning but if you play the game and then go sit down at a piano then things will translate for sure, certain things will click in your head.

Songs & Lessons

There are tons of songs that sound great on this game, a few just don’t work for certain reasons but most sound great.  I will be posting tutorial videos and links to websites where you can find songs to play.